Village Symbols

The Flag:

The Volkovce flag consists of four horizontal stripes in this order from top to bottom – white, blue, yellow and blue. The ratio of the sides of the flag is 2:3 and the right hand side has a jagged edge. The colours of the stripes correspond to the colours of the Volkovce's crest.

The first written mention of Volkovce dates back to 1275, calling it Wolkouch, later Walkoch (in 1327) and in 1773, Wolkowcze. The Hungarian name for Volkovce is Valkóc.

Coat of Arms:

The Coat of Arms comprises of a blue shield background with a silver mouldboard  and a coulter hovering over a sickle lying horizontally. Between the mouldboard and the coulter are two golden pilgrimage sticks crossed through a silver shell.