Refuse collection

Refuse collection is conducted by a company called Technické služby of Zlaté Moravce, every other Thursday of the month (odd week).


The Households use 110 l waste container for their refuse. Every household in the village can purchase the waste container once every five years for half the purchase price at the municipal office.
Rate of local fees for municipal waste and minor construction waste is
set out in in Authoritative Rulings no. 2/2012 on local taxes and the local fees for municipal waste and minor construction waste in the municipality Volkovce. (this document is in Slovak language only)

Fee for garbage collection is 12, – Euro per person per year.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs in the municipality

A quantitative waste collection was introduced for this category of payers. They can choose the size of the bin as well as the interval of the municipal waste removal.

The fee rate for this category of taxpayers is in the amount of 0.0969 euro per 1 kg exported waste.

Bulky waste collection takes place through a large volume containers twice per year. The collection time and date is broadcast via the municipal announcement system.

Bulky waste is household waste, than cannot be stored in the container due to its size.

Biodegradable waste, can be brought to the municipal composting in the area “Na Plieškach”, open without restrictions on a Lesna ulica. These waste include biodegradable (rotting) garden waste and tree branches with thickness up to 3 cm. Please leave the biodegradable waste as far away from the point of entry to a landfill as possible.

Construction waste is waste from construction and reconstruction. To remove this waste, the individual must order via the municipal office and at their own expense, bulk containers.

Recycling waste

The collection point is situated by the post office and is open every Saturday

between the hours 10.00 -14.00

Plastic recycling

is collected by a designated employee of the Recycling waste area and it is requested that citizens bring the recycling in plastic bags provided as follows:

– PET bottles – separate in a bag

– Any other plastic refuse must be separate in another plastic bag

– if there are oversized plastics that do not fit in the bags provided, the person at the recycling waste centre will place this in a designated space.

When returning a full bag with recycling plastics, citizens collect a new bag free of charge


Citizens can recycle their glass in the refuse collection containers (1100 l capacity) that are situated by the recycling center next to the post office. Other collection container is situated by the Bus stop in Olichov.

Cooking oil

Used cooking oil or fat must be collected in clean PET bottles only. It is not required to filter the cooking oil. The PET bottles must be properly sealed, filled with the used cooking oil and brought to the recycling centre, where they will be placed in a recycling bin, which is designed exclusively for the collection of such waste.


There are two designated containers, used for clothing collection only located near the CooP store on the Obchodná street. Items collected are old textiles, shoes and soft toys.

Electrical and electronic waste

The municipal office organises collection of electronic waste twice per year, working with a company that is authorized to dispose of such waste. The date of collection is announced via the public announcement system.

Items collected can be:

discarded computer equipment, telecommunications equipment and other office equipment,
white home consumer electronics (microwave, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc.)
car batteries
– measuring instruments
– cables, waste from repair work


Collection is carried out in cooperation with the primary school in Volkovce twice per year. A paper container is placed by the school gates where residents can recycle the following: newspapers, magazines, office paper, old books and cartons. The dates of collection are announced via the public announcement system.