Refuse collection

Refuse collection is collected by Technické služby of Zlaté Moravce,

every other Thursday of the month (odd week).


The Households use 110 l waste container for their refuse. Every household in the village can purchase the waste container at the municipal office. If purchasing once every five years, residents are eligible to purchase the waste container at a discounted price of 50%.

Rate of local fees for municipal waste and minor construction waste is set out in in Authoritative Rulings no. 2/2012 on local taxes and the local fees for municipal waste and minor construction waste in the municipality Volkovce. (this document is in Slovak language only) 

As well as the Authoritative Rulings no. 4/2015 amending previous regulations on local taxes and the local fees for municipal waste and minor construction waste in the Volkovce municipal territory. (this document is in Slovak language only) 

Fee for garbage collection is 12, - Euro per person per year.

Fees for the minor construction waste performed as part of general maintenance are charged at 0.030 Eur per each kilogram of building material that is cleared of harmful materials and substances.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs in the municipality

A quantitative waste collection was introduced for this category of payers. Businesses can choose the size of the bin as well as the the removal of municipal waste frequency.

The fee rate for this category of taxpayers is charged at 0.0969 euro per 1 kg of removed waste.


Bulky waste collection is scheduled twice yearly using large volume containers. The collection time and date is broadcast via the municipal announcement system.

Bulky waste is understood to be household waste which is too big to fit in the household waste container.

Biodegradable waste, can be brought to the municipal composting in the area “Na Plieškach” which is opened 24 hours per day on Lesna ulica. The accepted waste includes biodegradable garden waste and tree cuttings and trimmings with thickness up to 3 cm. Please leave the biodegradable waste as far away from the point of entry to a landfill as possible.

Dumping biodegradable waste on the edge of the forest or other areas is strictly prohibited.

Construction waste means building and renovation waste. Removal of construction waste must be arranged either individually, or residents can also order a skip(bulk container) at the municipal office.


Recycling - Changes taking effect on 1.4.2018

The collection point by the post office has been temporarily closed!

GLASS - please use the green containers

PAPER - please use the blue containers

Glass and paper containers will be emptied monthly and they are situated in the following locations:

  • by the Závada cemetery

  • by the Coop / Jednota shop

  • on the Harmančeková ulica

  • on the Hlavná ulica (by the bus turning point)

  • in the Olichov part

PLASTIC WASTE, METALLIC WASTE AND TETRA PAK RECYCLING are recycled individually using yellow refuse bags. The refuse bags will be collected from the residents on a monthly basis. The recycling staff will remove the full yellow bags and replace these with empty refuse bags.

What can you recycle? PET bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, tin foil, polystyrene, yogurt pots, CD cases, plastic cases from various cleaning products and cosmetics, metal cans and tins, screws, aluminum foil, Tetra pak (milk and juice cartons). Please empty and rinse all containers prior to recycling them. Ensure that bottles are squashed before placing them in the yellow refuse bags.

USED COOKING OIL AND FAT – you must collect any cooking oil/fat into clean PET bottles. It is not required to strain the oil, breadcrumbs from frying and small food particles are also acceptable. These bottles must be closed tight and can be disposed of in a designated collection container, situated in the mayor's office yard. You can dispose of your used cooking oil and fat during the working hours (MondayFriday 8:00 – 16:00).

TEXTILES – can be recycled by placing these into a container situated by the Coop Jednota shop on the Obchodná ulica. You can recycle your clothes, textile materials and cuddly toys. There are a total of two textile recycling containers in the village of Volkovce.

ELECTRICAL WASTE RECYCLING – is organised by the mayor's office in conjunction with a certified electrical waste disposal company twice (2x) per year. The collection times are announced by the public announcement system.

Electrical waste includes:

  • disused computer equipment, telephones and some office equipment

  • white goods (microwaves, washing machines, fridges, freezers etc.)

  • car batteries

  • electric testers

  • cables and wires

  • light bulbs

USED BATTERIES, PORTABLE BATTERIES AND STORAGE BATTERIES – can be recycled using portable yellow containers, these are located at:

  • by the Grammar School - Školská ulica No 1
  • inside the convenience shop S MIX - P.O. Hviezdoslava No 6
  • at the post office - P. O. Hviezdoslava No 2
  • inside of the PPD Inovec Volkovce - SNP No 2
  • inside of the special needs facility SVETLO building in the Olichov part
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