The scout movement is one of the biggest educational organisations for children and youth in the Slovak Republic and naturally it also reached us in Volkovce . It works on the principles of informal education and meaningful use of children's and youths' free time. Youngsters can fulfill their dreams, learn new and interesting things, make new friends and also discover what they can achieve in life through scouting. They can apply themselves and improve their individual abilities.

41st Corps of T.G. Masaryk in Topoľčianky has 3 units:

First unit Hok-A-Taka Topoľčianky

Second unit Buen Camino Volkovce

Third unit Túlavej Topánky (A wonderous shoe) Horná Kráľová

The beginnings of scouting in our village go back to 2006, at that time we were part of the unit in Topoľčianky. Eventually, as we grew in numbers, we were able to set up our own independent unit for Volkovce in 2011.

The second unit has currently 67 registered members. Majority of our members are from Volkovce, but we also have scouts from Zlaté Moravce, Čierne Kľačany, Žitavany, Topoľčianky, Tesárske Mlyňany, Machulince and Ladice.


The base pillar of scouting in a team – a small group of people of similar age.They are lead by an adviser. Our unit is made of 6 teams who meet on a regular, weekly basis. We also organise our own events, cooperate with various organisations and with the village:

Some examples:

- summer camps

- trips around Slovakia

- Scouts' Christmas and the Bethlehem light distribution

- Narcissus days

- cooperation with the village

- cooperation with Leustach – renovation of the Hrušov Castle

- events and courses organised by Slovak Scouting

If you are interested in finding out more, please come to see us, we are looking forward to your visit.

Contact: Blažena Kozolková – leader of the Second unit Buen Camino Volkovce

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