Registry office

There is no registry office at the Municipal office in Volkovce. Volkovce village is in catchment area of Registry office in Čierne Kľačany.

Verification of signatures and certification of depreciation documents

Verification of signatures on documents depreciation can be processed at the Municipal Office in Volkovce during Office hours.

Verification of the signature of a natural person
whose signature is approved, this is executed in person before the person carrying out the certificate:

  • at the Municipal Office in Volkovce
  • at another suitable place – when the certificate signing is requested by a person who for health reasons cannot attend the Municipal Office

A person whose signature is required needs to identify themselves by:

  • an ID card
  • a valid travel document (passport)
  • a residence permit for foreign citizens

The Municipal Office is responsible for ensuring that the signature on the document is recognised as the property of the person whose signature is approved, that the person signed the attestation book and that an approval was performed by the specified means. A signature into the attestation book must be done in front of the person conducting the verification.

Certification of documents
Where can documents be certified:

  • only at the Municipal Office of Volkovce

Municipal Office of Volkovce is liable for the certification of documents whereby:

  • the office is responsible for ensuring that a depreciation document or its copy is identical to the original document or a certified copy.

(Therefore, it is necessary to submit both documents for a comparison)

  • when certifying the conformity or a duplicate of the document with the submitted documents the office does not attest the content, accuracy or truth of the facts alleged in the document.

The Municipal Office does not carry out certification of documents:

  • if they are intended for official use abroad
  • for identity cards, military cards, service cards or any other cards
  • for maps and geodetic information from the land registry
  • if they’re written in a language other than the national language (does not apply to documents written in the Czech language)

These services are charged according to the tariff of administrative fees:

€ 1.50 – Verification of signature(s) on a document and/or its counterpart for each signature
€ 1.50 – a certified copy (photocopy), statement or written information from the official books, official records, registers and documents from
acts or private documents in the official custody, (price is per page in the Slovak language )