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Church | Obec Volkovce


Administratively, the village of Volkovce falls under the Roman-catholic diocese of Nitra. It used to form part Nemčiňany parish, but from 1st July 2001 the village is part of newly formed Čierne Kľačany parish.

At the centre of the village is the Roman-catholic church of st. Jacob the Elder. The church building is the oldest historical building in the village with the presbytery dating back to the 14th century. The original building was built in Gothic style, however it was rebuilt in baroque style between 1750-1754. The church is formed as a single isle space with with the presbytery being shaped as a polygonal bay above the Presbytery. The Presbytery is also vaulted with lunette arches which are decoratively separated by ribs using the Gothic cross feature.

The church nave is vaulted with a Prussian canopy. The canopy is separated by lines on the mural pillars. The facades are separated by lisena framing. The pulpit is in the baroque style and has small pillars used to separate individual Evangelists and Salvatore Mundi. A church tower was built into the face of the building in 1926.

The church was first extensively renovated in 1948. A new sacristy extension was built, the interior of the church was painted by Mr Ján Tonka and the area of the church was fenced. The following renovation was some twenty years later in the early seventies. During this renovation the roof tiles and the bell tower metal cladding were replaced, the sacristy was extended and sanitary facilities were added. Also the interior frescoes were renovated and the exterior of the church had been rendered.

The most recent upgrades and renovations to the church started in 1999, the central heating in the church was changed into a gas supplied heating system, the church sound system was upgraded and the electric wiring in the church was upgraded. A new “Way of the cross” had also been purchased and installed in the interior of the church. The final works included replacing the stone flooring with ceramic tiles and the wooden stairs leading up to the church gallery, the church tower were replaced and the entire church interior was painted by master P. Čambala. The renovated church was blessed by Monsignor Vladimír Filo, the bishop on 21. June 2001.

In the spring of 2002 the roof of the church had been replaced and the winter of 2002 saw a new organ being purchased. The final works was replacing paving in the churchyard in 2005.

In the churchyard is a cemetery, which is accessed through a stone gate. On each side of the gate are carved the names of residents who had fallen in the First World War. A Stone cross forms a part of the churchyard and cemetery fence. It is the oldest cross in the village dating to 1777. A small mortuary chapel was built in 1949, this fell into disrepair after 1982 when the village residents self-financed the new “Mourning house”. The original mortuary chapel was reconstructed and renamed as St. Joseph Chapel in 1996.

Since July 2013 Peter Patúc is the priest for the parish.

Priests who served in the village during the 20th Century

Turčáni Albert1899-1909
Škoda Ján1909-1925
Šenmiczer Ján1926-1927
Boleček Vincent1927-1945
Bulka Štefan1946-1959
Ondrušek Štefan1959-1970
Gálik Ondrej1970-1971
Kalúz Anton1971-1976
Labuda Jozef1976-1981
Valach Ondrej1981-1999
Berta Dušan1999-2000
Buček Ján2000-2001

Parish Čierne Kľačany

Švercel Jozef2001- 2003
Dočolomanský Imrich2003 – 2013
Patúc Peter2013 -

Priests born in the village

Krajči Jozef, ThDr.born 26. 4.1941Ordained: 26.12.1963
Mlynka Peterborn 23. 9.1956Ordained: June 1982
Koloman Kršák22. 9.1960 - 14.7.2010Ordained: June 1984
Mlynka Vlastimilborn 25.12.1977Ordained: 10.7.2005


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